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A run for St. Paul mayor this year is “the biggest contribution I could think of to make to my city,” Elizabeth Dickinson, a resident of the West Side since 1998, told us.

Dickinson — a motivational speaker, author, life coach and a veteran of past campaigns for city office — plans to seek Green Party endorsement. She is among five mayoral candidates meeting recently with us for initial informal conversations.

At a time when divisiveness reigns in state and national politics, Dickinson, 56, said she finds a “huge hunger for positivity.” She says she would bring a “different way of governing,” inclusive and transparent.

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Green Party Endorses Elizabeth Dickinson for Mayor

The 4th Congressional District Green Party of Minnesota has unanimously endorsed Elizabeth Dickinson for Mayor of St. Paul in 2017.

Elizabeth Announces Candidacy

On February 3rd, Elizabeth Dickinson announced she is running for St. Paul Mayor in 2017. She plans to seek the Green Party endorsement.

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