ELIZABETH DICKINSONElizabeth Dickinson has lived on St. Paul’s West Side since 1998 with her husband of 30 years, Christopher Childs.

Born in Massachusetts, she attended public schools in her hometown of Chelmsford. Her community service and activism started when she moved to St. Paul and noticed a coalburning smokestack from her window: she was motivated to gather concerned neighbors to start the Clean Energy Now coalition, which pressured Xcel to convert its urban power plants to natural gas – the cleanest option at the time.

She ran for St. Paul City Council in ’03 and for St. Paul Mayor in ’05 as a Green Party-endorsed candidate, entering the mayoral race late but winning nearly 20 percent of the vote (compared to the incumbent’s 27 percent) in the September 3-way primary – despite being outspent by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Elizabeth is not a career politician, nor is she beholden to corporate interests. She is a strong believer in the core Green principles of social, economic, and environmental justice, grassroots democracy, and non-violence.


  • B.Ed. Honours (Cambridge University, England)

  • M.A. Holistic Counseling Psychology (Lesley University, Massachusetts)

  • Life Coaching Certification (Adler Graduate School, Richfield, MN)

Work Experience

  • Independent Life/Career Coach, Public Speaker, Writer (author The Coach Approach to Leadership: Get the Best from Everyone, Every Time)

  • National Congress of Parents (P.T.A.) Common Core Educational Standards Organizer/Advocate MN, WA, GA

  • Association for Non-Smokers-MN – Organizer (smoking ban)

  • Healthy Legacy Advocate/Lobbyist (BPA out of baby bottles, flame retardants out of electronics, safer chemical policies)

  • Senior Staff – Becky Lourey for Governor Campaign

  • Community Affairs Manager/Lobbyist – MN AIDS Project (comprehensive sex education, increased AIDS funding)

  • Union Actor, Massachusetts, California, Texas, Minnesota

  • Independent Counselor, Massachusetts

  • Long-term Substitute Teacher (grades 6-12), Massachusetts Public Schools

Volunteer Activism (partial list)

  • Community Power MN board member (promoting clean, affordable, reliable, local, equitable energy)

  • Clean Water Action board member (state board since ‘01 and national board since ‘07)

  • Founder Clean Energy Now (helped transform local coalburning utilities to gas)

  • West Side Citizens Organization board member

Other representative bills or causes I support
  • 4-pollutant bill

  • Code for Corporate Responsibility

  • INS/Police Separation Ordinance (now known as Sanctuary Cities)

  • St. Paul Bill of Rights Defense Committee

  • Instant Run-Off/Ranked Choice Voting